Senseof GmbH is a trading company which operates in the food and drink environment areas and has a role as facilitators in the placement of high-quality food products in foreign markets. For this purpose we have dedicated teams located in Europe and selected partners in Asia, middle East and Africa. Senseof office is located in Switzerland a member state of the EFTA Union, located centrally at the “crossroads” of Europe. Based in the High Quality country, our company sources only the highest brands and innovative products in the food and beverage industries. Senseof is specialized in the distribution, import, export, trade and logistic warehousing of food and beverages products.
Senseof provides a wide range of food and beverages products worldwide. The company specializes in new development and the adaptation of products to suit market requirements. We always complying with country regulation labelling requirements, in order to make sure our clients’ needs can be always satisfied. Senseof is working closely with the most reputable logistical companies that will assure the efficient door to door services, providing all necessary permission, documentation needed for a success transaction. As an import and distribution company with a diverse range of products imported from around the world, our company has established a variety of products with great success ranging from beverages, foodstuffs, sweets and coffee, soft drinks to various consumer goods.

What will we be eating and drinking more of in 2022/2023?
TRENDS 2022/2023
Quinoa! It’s everywhere now, not just in salads. It’s in your breakfast, your chocolate, your mac and cheese. You cannot escape quinoa. Mankind’s quest to discover new super foods continues apace. Next up: moringa, an ancient plant that has long been used in Asia and Africa for its reputed health benefits. Ayurveda is the Indian practice of holistic medicine and an important part of it is diet. In Ayurvedic medicine, certain foods and herbs are eaten together to balance out a person’s health and to benefit digestion, immunity and more.

I know that “canned fish salad” is not a very sexy phrase, but hear me out. This is not your water-packed Star-Kist: It’s a higher-quality fish with vegetables, herbs and spices, and if you bring a tin of it with a crusty roll, you’ll have a perfectly good meal.

Kombucha is great, but wouldn’t it be even better if it could get you drunk? Now, it can! The fermented tea drink has a tiny amount of alcohol in it, but some kombucha companies are upping the alcohol by volume (ABV).

For a few years now, drinks and supplements containing collagen — a protein that provides the structure for our skin and organs — have been bubbling up on beauty blogs. But 2019 may be the year they go mainstream. These functional foods and beverages claim to be able to give you smoother and more supple skin, but dermatologists are skeptical.

No big surprise here: CBD, one of the fastest-growing categories of the year, was well-represented at the trade show. But even though its legality is questionable, and research is still determining how effective it is at addressing all the maladies companies claim it can soothe, the CBD gold rush continues apace. In case you don’t know: CBD is the non-psychoactive compound in hemp, so it won’t get you high — but many of the companies marketing CBD products claim it can treat anxiety. CBD drinks have been popular since late 2018, and kombucha maker GT’s now has a line of drinks called Dream Catcher, with hemp, caffeine and apple cider vinegar. But more interesting are the companies taking CBD into snakier territory.

Oat milk everything

Oat milk has emerged as the golden child of all the alternative milks — it’s great in coffees, and for a time, baristas could barely keep it in stock. So it makes sense that companies are piggybacking off its success and launching other oat milk products. Rise Brewing Co., which makes canned coffees, introduced one of the first ready-to-drink canned oat milk coffees. It also comes in mocha, and to be honest, I think I prefer it to dairy-based canned coffees. Chocolatier Raaka has an oat milk chocolate bar, sweetened with maple sugar. And Oaté — it’s pronounced oh-uh-tay, the website helpfully notes — makes an oat milk ice cream that is free of several of the most common allergens: dairy, egg, soy, gluten and nuts.